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We have found ourselves being a very popular destination for weekend visitors since we moved here.

They come from far and wide.


We moved up to Anglesey from Pembrokeshire in early 2013 and set about finding out all the sorts things you’d want to learn about a new home – especially one where we’d never spent a great deal of time in the past. The amenities, the geography, the history …

Basically, just about everything.
Because it’s easy to take for granted how familiar you become with an area when you’ve lived there for years, as we had in Pembrokeshire.

Obviously our first port of call was to go online. We’re really grateful to the people who have gone to all the trouble to create the many really informative sites about Anglesey – they were very helpful. But, there wasn’t a single catch-all site to cover everything you might want to know. In short, a sort of ‘Google‘ or ‘Wiki‘ for the island.

Well, of course we started keeping notes as our research progressed. So we thought we might as well pop it all online so it can hopefully help out visitors and locals alike. As we do this sort of thing day in and day out it’s easy for us to add to it and keep the information up to date. We’re updating the site regularly and we hope to maintain a pretty comprehensive and current resource.

The view from the Llanfaelog office
[The view from the Llanfaelog office]

We have found ourselves being a very popular destination for weekend visitors since we moved here. They come from far and wide.

The unanimous verdict is that Anglesey is a ‘real hidden gem’. Most are surprised to find stunning scenery in every direction and almost deserted roads, despite it being so easy to get to. And when you add in superb local amenities to rival any ‘mainland’ area along with friendly and welcoming people, then a question we’re constantly asked is ‘how come we hadn’t heard what a lovely place this is?’.

Of course, the local authorities work to promote us as a holiday and visitor destination, but our web design business brings us into regular contact with people from all over the UK and most are only aware of Anglesey as a place to pass through on the way to Ireland. That’s a real pity. Indeed, it’s fair to say that as Welsh natives ourselves, even we were taken aback at the quality of life here!

But perhaps it could also be claimed that this perception is what makes the island what it is. Do we really want everyone to find out what a great place it is, and have trippers swarming all over us like Devon & Cornwall? It depends on your perspective. Many businesses depend directly on visitors, and many more depend on their effect on the local economy.

Porth Nobla, Ty Croes
[Porth Nobla, Ty Croes]


Our Anglesey List is simply a means to share what we’re discovering about our new home. We don’t comment or editorialise – it’s just a list of what you’ll find here. We add a few new entries pretty regularly.


Thanks for stopping by and checking us out – if you want to add an entry or correct something, please to feel free to get in touch. We’ll value your kind assistance.

Janice & David Griffiths

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