Anglesey Hawking

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Anglesey Hawking 
LL66 0AE

01407 711 444

Anglesey Hawking has access to over 1200 acres of land and country estate and can offer hawk walking.

Also Falconry experience days where we have a variety of birds of prey which include the European eagle owl, Tawny owl, Barn owl and the Bengal eagle owl were you can handle these majestic birds of prey. we also offer photography, film making courses and wildlife painting classes with local willdlife artist Philip Snow.

The hawk walk takes approx 1 hour were you will be introduced to the hawks and shown how to handle them we will then go of into the woods were the hawk will fly free and you will become the falconer and call the bird back to your glove.

Family days also available this is a 3 hour experience were you will be introduced to various birds of prey.

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