Georgina Rambton Fine Art

Art & Culture, Beaumaris

28 Steeple Lane 
LL58 8AE

01248 811 587

“Georgina’s work would brighten up any home – her flowers seem to glow with colour and energy” The Lady Magazine.

“Georgina Rambton’s background as an international textile designer shines throughout her work” The Mail

Georgina Rambton’s work has been in most peoples houses, but the owners dont know it!! She is a world reknowned textile designer and artist who has painted flowers and other decorative finishes on millions of yards of cloth, paper and pots.She has been showing and exhibiting her work world wide since 1984.

In 1996 after years of chasing round the world designing collections for top market textile manufacturers she decided to call it a day. She had made millions for other companies but had always been the anonymous designer behind the big brand names, she decided to do what she does best for herself! So turning her back on the industry she started to paint her beloved flowers in glorious multi-colour, exploring texture and form in a way that the restrains of industry could not print.

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